Imagine Me Lost
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I dont even know..

A person makes goals to feel fulfilled. Why is it so damn hard for me 2 even pursue my goals. I’ve been feeling really down lately about very few things but the very few things really weigh me down. last year I felt like I was on top of the world I was doing well in school I loved my job got a new job and call that this year just seems the complete opposite and I really do not understand why. I’ve been in a rut of not feeling the need to really express my feelings to anyone even the one person that is closest to me my boyfriend and he is my best friend and I don’t understand why I am having such difficulty being able to tell him anything. Can someone please just tell me if this is normal I really don’t know what I want to do in life I am 27 years old I have a crap job and really am hating school this semester so bad. I’m not looking for advice or sympathy I guess I’m just ranting because I have had such an issue lately with holdings so much in and not expressing my emotions in the proper way and maybe this is the best way I can do it. I remind myself I am only human and only I control my paths. I need to find the right path. hopefully that is soon.

So I have my goals set for 2014.
Now for fulfilling them.
Here is what i came up with:

Goals for 2014

Organize and clean closet

Organize and donate anything I don’t need or want

Organize all of my clothing in closet and drawers

Brush my teeth twice a day

Floss daily

Lose 10% body fat

Save $500 to leave in bank account

Go to Colorado for anniversary

Do not eat red meat

im too much of a foodie to lose weight! This sucks.

Work. I really need a new job. This place is depressing, boring, and it doesn’t challenge me at all. I hope this job prospect works out. I really could use some good new happiness this year.

Date night cancelled. Not surprised. 

happy new year!

So I want to make it a habit of using this all of the time.

I want to record my goals and my progress.

it’s official

I am at my end. Too much stress lately. I could sleep for a year.

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